Festival Karva Chauth

Why is Karva Chauth celebrated?

Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is especially a festival for women. In Hinduism, women power is considered as a form of power. It is said that the woman has a boon that if she does penance or fast for any work or desire, she will definitely get the result. Especially if she fasts for her husband, he will be successful.

An emphasis in mythology where Mata Parvati meditates and fasts to get her husband Shiva and succeeds in it, on the other hand Savitri brings her dead husband from Yamraj on the strength of her tenacity. That is, a woman has so much power that if she wants, she can achieve anything. That is why women do penance for their husband’s long life as a vow of Karva Chauth.

Tapa means to abandon something and move in one direction. Women fast waterless on this day. The moon of Chauth always departs late. Many times the moon is not visible till late night. This weather is such that many times clouds are clouded and the moon is not visible. In such a situation, women do not break their fast till late night or the next day. This is a test of how much she can sacrifice for her husband.

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