Voter Form 8 in Bengali PDF

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Voter Form 8 in Bengali

This is definitely an application for correction to particulars entered in the Electoral Roll issued by the Election Commission of India and also this form may be obtained from the official website or it could be downloaded directly from the web link supplied below.

  • Applicants Details
  • Name of Meeting / Parliamentary Constituency
  • Type of Correction
  • And any other details

This form Can be filed only with an individual whose name is already within the Electoral Roll looking for sandpaper to his/her particulars already printed in the Electoral Roll. 1 individual cannot Document a software in Form-8 for correction from the specifics of any additional individual.

How to Fill out the Form-8

  • The program should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of this Constituency Where the title of this application is already included. The name of this Constituency should be Mentioned in the sterile space.
  • In Part-I of this Application, please write your own name, since it will come in the Electoral Roll. In case the initials into your name published in the Electoral Roll come in abbreviated form and you also want them to be printed in the enlarged form it is possible to write your whole name in an enlarged form. The full name except that the surname ought to be written from the very first box and also the surname should be written in the text box. In case you don’t need a surname, just compose the given name. Caste shouldn’t be mentioned except at which the caste name is employed as part of their Elector’s name or a surname.
  • Please fill up the Part Number and Serial Number in which section of the Electoral Roll where your name is recorded. That really is mandatory.

Download Voter Type 8 Bengali to get Correction of Particulars or change from PDF format using the link supplied below.

Voter Form 8 in Bengali PDF Download Link

Article Voter Form 8 in Bengali

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