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Toll Tax Exemption List 2021

Clarification on extant rules/guidelines on reported exemptions from Charge of Person Entry (Toll) at Interest (Toll) plazas.

But on the above issue, These is explained Dependent on extant Rules notified by Government of India concerning User Entry (Toll) collection on Nationwide Highways:

  • The consumer Fee (Toll) in a waiver (Toll) plaza is accumulated from consumers of NH Section on crossing the fee plaza. The User Interest prices in a particular plaza are regulated from the pertinent NH Fee policies notified by Government of India along with the stipulations of the concession arrangement with respect to the specific commission plaza, if BOT (Toll) endeavors.
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways vide nationwide Highways charge (willpower of charges and selection ) Rules 2008 sub-rule 1 1 as amended vide notification dated 03.12.2010 and 08.06.2016 has advised the list of motor vehicles ranging from charge of person Compensation (set of these kinds of motor vehicles is included ).
  • As could be seen in the above rule position, there is no exemption from charge of user fee (toll) for the urges. Therefore, it is explained there is no supply of exemption to person accessibility to any road user except which provided in the extant N-H charge Rules.
    Here is your Set of Toll Tax-exemption 202021
    A) Transporting and corresponding —

Here is your Set of Toll Tax-exemption 2020-21

  1. The President of India;
  2. The Vice President of India;
  3. The Prime-Minister of India;
  4. The Annals of Circumstances
  5. The Chief Justice of India;
  6. The Speaker of the House of Men and Women;
  7. The Cupboard Minister of the Union;
  8. the Main Minister of Circumstances
  9. The Judge of the Supreme Court;
  10. The Minister of State of this Union;
  11. The Lieutenant-governor of some Union territory;
  12. The Chief of Staff holding the rank of full Basic or equivalent 1-2 status;
  13. The Chairman of this Legislative Council of a State;
  14. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of a State;
  15. The Chief Justice of the High Court;
  16. The Judge of a High Court;
  17. The Member of Parliament;
  18. The Army Commander or even Vice-Chief of Military Personnel and equal in 18 other services;
  19. the Principle Secretary to some Local Government within a worried Condition;
  20. The Secretary for the Federal Government of India;
  21. The Secretary, Council of States;
  22. The Secretary,” Property of Individuals;
  23. The Foreign dignitary on State trip;
  24. The Member of the legislative Assembly of a Situation and also the Member of both 2-4 Legislative Councils of some Condition Inside Their respective Condition, whether or not she produces his or her identification card issued by the worried Legislature of this Condition
  25. The awardee of both Pram Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Twenty Five Chakra,” Vir Chakra and also Shaurya Chakra, should these awardee creates Her or His picture Id card issuer authenticated by the proper or capable authority for this award;

B) Useful for official purpose —

  • The Ministry of protection including the ones which are qualified for exemption 27 in compliance with all the terms and conditions of the Indian
  • Toll (military and Air Force) Act,” 1901and regulations made thereunder, as extended to Navy also;
  • The Central and also Sate armedforces in uniform for example Paramilitary 28 drives and police;
  • A Executive Magistrate;
  • The firefighting division or organization;
  • The National Highway Authority of India or some other Authorities 3 1 organization using this kind of car for inspection, questionnaire,
  • structure or performance of domestic highways and upkeep;
  • Used as ambulance; along with
  • Employed as funeral van.
  • Mechanical Motor Vehicles specially designed and constructed to usage of 34 that a Individual Afflicted by bodily disability

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