The Mythological Story of the Most Famous Temple of Mata Harsiddhi

Famous Temple of Mata Harsiddhi

There are many famous temples of Harsiddhi Devi across the country, but the Harsiddhi temple at Ujjain is the oldest. Ladies are guarded nearby to protect Ujjain, one of them being Harsiddhi Devi. It is said that this temple is located where part of Sati’s body, that is, the elbow of the hand, fell. Hence, this place is also considered under Shaktipeeth. The description of this Goddess temple is also found in the Puranas.

Kivdanti associated with the great emperor Vikramaditya: It is said that this place is the taphbhoomi of Emperor Vikramaditya. Some ‘heads’ are placed in a corner behind the temple. These are called ‘Vikramaditya’s heads’. It is believed that the great emperor Vikram sacrificed his forehead with his own hands every 12th year to please the goddess. He did this 11 times but each time the head returned. If the head did not come for the 12th time, it was understood that his rule was complete. Although he was 135 years old. By the way, this goddess is Vaishnavi and sacrifices are not offered here in worship.

Introduction of Harsiddhi Temple: There are 4 entrances inside the boundary wall of Harsiddhi Temple. The main gate of the temple is towards the east. Beautiful bungalows are built at the gate. In the south-east angle near the bungalow, there is a stepwell with a pillar inside. Shreeyantra is a place here. Behind this place is a beautiful statue of Bhagwati Annapurna.


Saptasagar Rudrasagar, adjacent to the east gate of the temple) is a pond which is also known as Rudrasagar. This beautiful temple is built amidst strong stone walls all around on the picturesque banks of Rudrasagar Talab. Two large lamp-pillars stand in front of the temple. Deep garlands are put on these for 5 days every year during Navratri. Behind the temple is the ancient proven place of Agasteshwar who is a devotee of Mahakaleshwar. The temple has been renovated in 2004.

Mythology in relation to the temple: It is said that two demons named Chand and Mund had created their terror. Once both of them planned to capture Kailash and they both reached there. During that time, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shankar were engaged in gaming. Both forcibly entered inside, then Shiva’s Nandigans stopped them at the gate. Both the demons injured Nandigan with weapons. When Shivji came to know of this, he immediately remembered Chandidevi.

The goddess killed both the demons immediately after getting orders. Then he came near Shankarji and politely narrated the story of the slaughter. Shankarji said happily- O Chandi, you have killed the wicked, so your name will be famous in public fame by the name Harsiddhi. Since then, Harsiddhi is enthroned in this Mahakal-One.

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