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Physical Fitness Certificate

Medical fitness certificate format & performa, health, and fitness certificate arrangement for combining new duty pro forma, fitness certificate from a physician, A medical certificate or doctor’s certificate is a written report by a doctor or another clinically qualified health care provider that attests to the result of a medical examination of someone.

It can serve as a ‘Sick Note’ (documentation an employee is unfit for work) or signs of a health state

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Health and fitness Certificate: An physical exercise certificate is a medical certificate issued by a physician that claims that the individual is healthy and fit. Such certificates are frequently a requirement for a new occupation or an activity such as trekking in a windy place. Such certificates can only be supplied by a health care provider after a comprehensive medical examination.

A Health and Fitness certification contains the following facts:

  • State the title of the certificate on top of the document — in bold
  • State to whom the certificate is currently addressed — (example: your customer’s insurer, employer, etc.)
  • Mention the day when the medical examination was conducted
  • request the name, address, and contact specifics of the physician
  • be certain that the designation of their qualified medical practitioner is also cited.
  • State any observations and any additional notes, even if required
  • The certification should conclude with a final signature and the enrollment number of the medical practitioner.

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