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Panchatantra Stories in Hindi

The Panchatantra is an early Indian selection of interrelated animal tales. Which was originally written in the Sanskrit language however, you can download these stories from Hindi translation too. Verses and prose gave in the Sanskrit language ordered within a frame story. The surviving work is dated to roughly 200 BCE — 300 CE, founded on older oral heritage.

Panchatantra includes 5 parts centered on five fundamentals that the stories go around. These are Mitra Bhedha’ (Loss of Friends),”’Mitra Laabha’ (Gaining Friends),’ Suhrudbheda’ (Causing discord between Friends),” Vigraha’ (Separation) and also Sandi’ (Union).

Pehla Tantra-Mitrabhed (Mitron Mein Manmutav Evam Algav)

  • Bandar Aur Lakri Ka Khoonta Panchtantra
  • Siyar Aur Dhol Panchtantra
  • Vyapari Ka Patan Aur Uday Panchtantra
  • Dusht Sarp Aur Kauve Panchtantra
  • Moorakh Sadhu Aur Thag Panchtantra
  • Ladte Bakre Aur Siyar Panchtantra
  • Bagula Bhagat Aur Kekda Panchtantra
  • Chatur Khargosh Aur Sher Panchtantra
  • Khatmal Aur Bechari Joon Panchtantra
  • Ranga Siyar Panchtantra
  • Sher Unt Siyar Aur Kauva Panchtantra
  • Titihari Ka Joda Aur Samudar Ka Abhiman Panchtantra
  • Moorakh Batooni Kachhua Panchtantra
  • Teen Machhliyan Panchtantra
  • Hathi Aur Goraiya Panchtantra
  • Sinh Aur Siyar Panchtantra
  • Chidiya Aur Bandar Panchtantra
  • Goraiya Aur Bandar Panchtantra
  • Mitra-Droh Ka Phal Panchtantra
  • Moorakh Bagula Aur Nevla Panchtantra
  • Jaise Ko Taisa Panchtantra
  • Moorakh Mittar Panchtantra

Doosra Tantra – Mitrasamprapati Ya Mitralabh

  • Sadhu Aur Chooha Panchtantra
  • Gajraj Aur Mooshakraj Panchtantra
  • Brahmani Aur Til Ke Beej Panchtantra
  • Vyapari Ke Putra Ki Kahani Panchtantra
  • Abhaga Bunkar Panchtantra

Teesra Tantra-Kaakolukeeyam (Kauve aur Ulluon Ki Katha)

  • Kauve Aur Ullu Ka Bair Panchtantra
  • Hathi Aur Chatur Khargosh Panchtantra
  • Billi Ka Nyaya Panchtantra
  • Bakra Brahmin Aur Teen Thag Panchtantra
  • Kabootar Ka Joda Aur Shikari Panchtantra
  • Brahmin Aur Sarp Panchtantra
  • Budha Aadmi Yuva Patni Aur Chor Panchtantra
  • Brahmin Chor Aur Daanav Panchtantra
  • Ghar Ka Bhed Panchtantra
  • Chuhiya Ka Swayamvar Panchtantra
  • Moorkhmandali Panchtantra
  • Bolnewali Gufa Panchtantra
  • Vansh Ki Raksha Panchtantra
  • Kauve Aur Ullu Ka Yudh Panchtantra

Chautha Tantra-Labhdhpranash (Hath Lagi Cheej Ka Hath Se Nikal Jana)

  • Bandar Aur Magarmachh Panchtantra
  • Mendhakraj Aur Naag Panchtantra
  • Sher Geedad Aur Moorakh Gadha Panchtantra
  • Kumhar Ki Kahani Panchtantra
  • Geedad Geedad Hai Aur Sher Sher Panchtantra
  • Sher Ki Khaal Mein Gadha Panchtantra
  • Ghamand Ka Sir Neecha Panchtantra
  • Siyar Ki Ran-Neeti Panchtantra
  • Kutte Ka Vairi Kutta Panchtantra
  • Stree Ka Vishwas Panchtantra
  • Stree-Bhakt Raja Panchtantra

Paanchva Tantra-Aparikshitakarakam (Bina Parkhe Kaam Na Karein)

  • Prarambh Ki Katha-Aparikshitakarakam Panchtantra
  • Brahmani Aur Nevla Panchtantra
  • Mastak Par Chakra Panchtantra
  • Jab Sher Ji Utha Panchtantra
  • Char Moorakh Pandit Panchtantra
  • Do Machhliyan Aur Ek Mendhak Panchtantra
  • Sangeetmay Gadha Panchtantra
  • Do Sir Wala Julaha Panchtantra
  • Brahman Ka Sapna Panchtantra
  • Vanarraj Ka Badla Panchtantra
  • Rakshas Ka Bhay Panchtantra
  • Andha Kubda Aur Tristani Panchtantra
  • Do Sir Wala Pakshi Panchtantra
  • Brahman-Karkatak Katha Panchtantra

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