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Mutual Funds for Dummies

Any professionally managed fund that pools in money from investors to purchase securities is termed as a mutual fund.

  • The money invested is used to purchase company shares, stocks, or bonds and is shared by thousands of investors
  • These funds are taken care of by professional fund managers that work on these investments with the idea of generating the highest possible returns
  • All the important decisions regarding the rules and regulations of mutual funds are made by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  • Investing in a mutual fund is a safe and hassle-free process, and is considered one of the easiest ways to gather wealth

Types of Mutual Funds

  • Equity funds– Equity funds predominantly invest in the equity shares of different companies. Equity funds are considered suitable for investors who are looking towards long term capital appreciation and are comfortable in dealing with moderate to a high level of risk
  • Debt funds– Debt funds primarily invest in fixed income government securities such as treasury bills and bonds, or corporate deposits. Debt funds involve lesser risk than equity funds, and as a result, also offer lesser returns. These funds are considered suitable for risk-averse investors with a short term investment horizon
  • Hybrid funds- Hybrid funds invest in a mix of equity shares and debt securities, with the idea of maintaining a balance between the risk involved and the returns generated. It is in the hands of the fund manager to settle on a ratio of investment in equity and debt so as to reap the best of both.

Best Mutual Funds for Beginners

Fund Name FundCategory AUM (in Crore) 1Y Return (in %) 3Y Return(in %) 5Y Return(in %)
Axis Long Term Equity Fund ELSS 19,632 -4.96 4.42 6.78
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Equity, Large-Cap 15,347 -15.16 0.72 6.45
SBI Bluechip Fund Equity, Large-Cap 19,785 -15.18 -1.91 3.96
Axis Focused 25 Fund Equity, Multi-Cap 9,493 -6.23 3.51 8.75
SBI Focused Equity Fund Equity, Multi-Cap 7,968 -8.80 5.13 8.17

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