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Money Market Instruments

Money Market is a market for securities with short term maturities up to 1 year. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and acceptance houses make up the money market. It facilitates the transactions for short-term funds, and maintains appropriate liquidity in the market. Financial instruments with short term maturity up to 1 year, used as tools for raising capital by the issuer are known as money market instruments.

These are debt securities that offer a fixed interest rate and are generally unsecured. There is no collateral backing up the security, and the risk of non-repayment is theoretically high. However, money market instruments have a high credit rating ensuring that issuers don’t default, which makes them a go-to avenue for investors looking for options to park their money for the short term and earn fixed returns on the same.

Types of Money Market Instruments:

  1. Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
  2. Commercial Papers
  3. Certificates of Deposits (CD)
  4. Repurchase Agreements
  5. Banker’s Acceptance

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