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Jatashankar Dham of Chhatarpur (Kedarnath of Bundelkhand)

Jatashankar Dham of Chhatarpur (Kedarnath of Bundelkhand)

There is a Shiva temple surrounded by beautiful mountains around 15 km from Bijawar tehsil in Chhatarpur district of Bundelkhand region, known as Jatashankar Dham. In this very ancient temple, the Lord Shiva, who is enthroned, is always having water from a stream falling from Gaumukh. This temple is a major center of religious faith. As such, there is always a movement of devotees here, but on Amavasya, there is a huge crowd here.It is believed that the water of this temple has eradicated many diseases. Even from a natural point of view this place is picturesque. The mountains that surround this place quadruple its beauty. Apart from monkeys, other wild animals are also found here.

What’s the specialty: There are three small water tanks on this temple, whose water never ends. The most important thing is that the temperature of the water of these pools is always opposite to the weather. Their water is hot in the cold, while in the summer the water is cold. The water of these pools never spoil. People believe that bathing with water here eliminates many diseases. This is the reason that any devotee who comes here takes a bath with the water of the pool. People also take the water here with them to their home.

Story of temple construction: According to Pt Girja Dwivedi, this temple is of 14th century. Jatavadhari Lord Shiva himself appeared in a dream to a king named Vivastu and told about his place. After this, the king went with the soldiers and found that place. At the same place, he got his life respected by the law of Shivling.

The king also performed a havan at this place. He also asked his leprosy minister to sit in the havan, but the minister hesitantly refused. But, he sat down because of the king’s order. It is said that when the minister was covered in the purification process of the havan, the minister’s leprosy was cured. Since then, it is believed that the water of the temple cures the diseases of the people.

Robber’s heart change: Apart from this, there is another story prevalent here. In Bundelkhand, the dreaded dacoit Murat Singh was in great panic. He kidnapped people in the area and collected ransom money. At that time there was terror in the whole area. The moneylender and the merchant were afraid of his name. The idol of police informers used to cut off the nose and ears. Later, the dacoit statue was stained white.

Once the robber was wandering in the thirsty forests. During this time, he drank water from the three pools of the temple, which completely cured his white stains. Then he saw the idol of Lord Shiva nearby. He understood that this miracle was done only by the grace of Lord Shiva. It is said that the robber changed his heart after this incident and gave up robbery and robbery.

Dilip Dubey of the area said that the people around this temple have a deep faith. Whenever someone buys a new vehicle, first of all it reaches Jatashankar Dham only.

How to reach: This place falls about 330 km from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. From Bhopal you can go to Chhatarpur bus, train. Jatashankar is 55 km from Chhatarpur district headquarters and 15 km from Bijawar tehsil. Bus and taxi facilities are available from here. Apart from this, Bhopal to Khajuraho can also be reached by plane. This place falls about 75 km from here.

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