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Form 16 in English

Form 16 is a document or certificate, issued as per the Section 203 – Income-Tax Act 1961, to salaried professionals in India by their respective employers. Also, referred to as a “salary certificate”, it contains the entire details regarding the salary given by the organization or employer to the employee in a particular financial year and the income tax that has been removed from the salary of the individual by the payer.

eligibility criteria for Form 16?

According to the regulations issued by the Finance Ministry of the Indian Government, every salaried individual who falls under the taxable bracket is eligible for the Form 16.

If an employee does not fall within the tax brackets set, he/she will not need to have Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). Hence, in these cases, the company is not under an obligation to provide the Form 16 to the employee. However, these days, as a good work practice, many organizations, even in these cases, issue this certificate to the employee as it contains a consolidated picture of the earnings of the individual and has other additional uses as well.

Types of Form 16

Other than Form 16, there are 2 other types of Form 16, which you will receive for earning income other than salary:

Form 16A:

Form 16 is a TDS certificate which reflects TDS deducted on the salary income by your employer. On the other hand Form 16A is a TDS certificate applicable for TDS on income other than salary. For instance, you will receive a Form 16A when your bank will deduct TDS on your interest income earned from Fixed Deposits, TDS on rent receipts, TDS on insurance commission or any other income which is liable for such deduction. Form 16A provides details of the income earned and TDS deducted and deposited on such income. It also contains the name and address of deductor/deductee, PAN details, TAN details of deductor and challan details of TDS deposited.

Form 16B:

Form 16B is a TDS certificate for TDS deducted on the sale of property and reflects that the TDS amount deducted on Property by the Buyer has been deposited with the Income Tax Department. The buyer is required to deduct 1% TDS on Property from the amount he has to pay the seller at the time of sale of immovable property. The buyer is later required to submit the TDS with the Income Tax Department and provide Form 16B to the seller of the property. Form 16B is a proof that the TDS deducted on the sale of the property has been deposited with the Government.

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