Dussehra Festival

Dussehra 2019: 6 Major Reasons to Celebrate Dussehra


The Dussehra festival celebrated on Ashwin Shukla Dashami is called Vijayadashami. This festival is celebrated with 6 Karanas.

1. On this day, Mata Katyayani was victorious by killing Asura Mahisasura.
2. On this day Lord Rama killed Ravana.
3. On this day, Goddess Sati fell into the fire.
4. It is said that on this day the Pandavas were exiled.
5. Chaturmas also ends with the end of the rainy season on this day.
6. When Dashmi is combined with Navami, Aparajita Devi is worshiped in the afternoon in the North-East direction for the welfare and victory of Aparajita Devi.

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