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Draft PDF of UP Population Control Bill 2021

Are you searching for the Draft PDF of UP Population Control Bill 2021?

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The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission placed a draft version of the Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilisation and Welfare) Bill, 2021 into the public domain, and invited suggestions from the general public.

According to the draft bill, any couple who has more than two children by the time this Act is enacted will be subject to these disincentives.

– Exclusion from Government-sponsored welfare programs;

– Limit of four ration cards units

– No restriction on contesting elections to Local Body, etc.

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Draft PDF of UP Population Control Bill 2021 Download

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Draft UP Population Control Bill

The Bill’s objective is to control and stabilize the state’s population in order to promote sustainable development and equitable distribution.

It also states that the State must provide measures to stabilize, control and provide welfare to its citizens through the implementation and promotion, by incentives and disincentives, of two-child norms for eligible couples.

The bill’s provisions would apply to married couples where the boy is at least twenty-one years old and the girl is at least eighteen years.

Govt employees who adhere to the two-child rule

Public servants in the State Government’s control who adopt the two-child norm through voluntary sterilization procedure upon themselves or their spouse shall be offered the following incentives:

  • There are two additional increments throughout the entire service
  • Housing Board or Development Authority may provide a subsidy to help you purchase a plot, house site, or build your house.
  • A soft loan to purchase a home or construct a new one at nominal interest rates, as prescribed.
  • Reduction on utility charges such as water, electricity, and house tax, if applicable
  • Maternity leave or paternity leave, depending on the situation, of 12 months with full salary and all allowances
  • Increase of three percent in employer’s contribution fund under national pension
  • The spouse receives free insurance and health care coverage.

Govt employees who adhere to the one-child rule

  • Four additional increments
  • Up to age twenty-one, the single child receives free health care and insurance coverage
  • Admission to all educational institutions: Preference is given to a single children, including the Indian Institute of Management and All India Institute of Medical Science.
  • Up to the graduation level, free education
  • Scholarships for higher education in the case of a girl-child
  • Preference for a single child when working in government

Couples who live below the poverty line receive a special benefit

Section 7The bill provides that a couple who live below the poverty line and have only one child subject to voluntary sterilization on themselves or their spouse shall be eligible for payment by the government for a lump-sum payment of rupees eighty thousand if the child is a boy and rupees one thousand if it is a girl.

Apply for government jobs without restrictions

Section 10 of the bill prohibits employees from applying for government jobs if they are found to have violated the policy on two children.

“Notwithstanding any law dealing in the employment of government workers for the time being, anyone who, after the commencement of this Act, contravenes the two-child norm and procreates more children than two shall be ineligible for government jobs under State Government.”

It is not applicable to those who are currently employed by the State government as government employees.

The Act further stipulates that any employee of the State government who has more than two children at time of the Act’s commencement must sign an undertaking that they will not violate the two-child rule.

You can send your suggestions for the draft bill via e-mail to, or by mail by July 19, 2021.

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