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Do you know the 17 major attacks that have taken place at the Jagannath temple in Puri?

Jagannath temple in Puri

All are well aware of the wonders of the famous Jagannath temple in Puri. But very few people know that there have been many major attacks on this temple. There is no impact on the temple and the wonders of the temple after every attack.

Those who study the history of the temple claim that due to the attacks, Lord Jagannath had to stay away from the temple for 144 years, let’s know 17 major attacks …

First Attack: The first attack to destroy the Jagannath temple was made in the year 1340 by Sultan Ilyas Shah of Bengal, at that time Odisha, popularly known as Utkal Pradesh. Naresh Narsingh Dev III of Utkal kingdom fought with Sultan Ilyas Shah. The soldiers of Sultan Ilyas Shah of Bengal shed a lot of blood in the temple premises and killed innocent people, but Raja Narasimha Dev managed to save the idols of Jagannath, as the idols were hidden at his command.

Second attack: In the year 1360, Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq of Delhi made a second attack on the Jagannath temple.

Third attack: The third attack on the temple was carried out in the year 1509 by Ismail Ghazi, commander of Sultan of Bengal Alauddin Hussain Shah. At that time, Odisha was ruled by Suryavanshi Pratap Rudra Dev. As soon as the news of the attack was received, the priests hid the idols away from the temple in an island called Chilka Lake in the Bay of Bengal. Pratap Rudradeva defeated the forces of the Sultan of Bengal at Hooghly and forced him to flee.

Fourth attack: In the year 1568, the biggest attack was on the Jagannath temple. The attack was carried out by an Afghan attacker named Kala Pahar. Before the attack, the idols were once again hidden in an island called Chilka Lake. But still some of the temple idols were destroyed by the attackers. The architecture of the Jagannath temple suffered significant damage in this attack. This year was pivotal in the history of Odisha. Of this year’s war

Fifth Attack : After this, in the year 1592, there was a fifth attack on the Jagannath temple. The attack was carried out by Usman, son of Sultan Isha of Odisha and Suleman, son of Kuthu Khan. People were brutally killed, statues defiled and temple property looted.

Sixth attack : In the year 1601, Mirza Khurram, the commander of Nawab Islam Khan of Bengal, made a sixth attack on Jagannath. The priests of the temple hid the idols by boat through the Bhargavi river in Kapileshwar, a village near Puri. He was also shifted elsewhere to save the idols.

Seventh attack : The seventh attack on the Jagannath temple was done by Hashim Khan, the Subedar of Odisha but before the attack the idols were hidden in the Gopal temple of Khurda.
This place is about 50 km from the temple. The temple suffered a lot in this attack as well. In the year 1608, the idols were brought back to the Jagannath temple.

Eighth attack :  The eighth attack on the temple was carried out by a Hindu vassal working in Hashim Khan’s army. At that time there were no idols in the temple. The temple money was looted and turned into a fort.

Ninth attack :  The ninth attack on the temple was made in the year 1611 by Raja Kalyanmal, son of Raja Todarmal, one of the navratnas of Mughal emperor Akbar. This time too, the priests hid the idols in an island in the Bay of Bengal.

Tenth attack :  The 10th attack was also carried out by Kalyanmal, in which the temple was looted badly.

11th attack : The 11th attack on the temple was done in the year 1617 by the commander of Delhi’s Emperor Jahangir, Mukarram Khan. At that time the idols of the temple were hidden in a place called Gobapadar.

12th attack : The 12th attack on the temple was done in the year 1621 by the Mughal Governor of Odisha, Mirza Ahmed Baig. Once the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan visited Odisha, the priests hid the idols.

13th attack : In the year 1641, the temple was attacked 13th. This attack was done by the Mughal Governor of Odisha, Mirza Makki.

14th attack : The 14th attack on the temple was also done by Mirza Makki.

15th attack : The 15th attack on the temple was done by Amir Fateh Khan. He looted the diamonds, pearls and gold present in the temple’s gemstone.

16th attack : The 16th attack on the temple took place in the year 1692 at the behest of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb ordered the temple to be completely demolished, then Nawab of Odisha was Ikram Khan, who was under the Mughals. Ikram Khan attacked the Jagannath temple and looted the golden crown of God. At that time the idols of Jagannath temple were hidden in the Bimala temple of a place called Srimandir.

17th attack : The 17th and last attack on the temple was done by Muhammad Taki Khan in the year 1699, Taki Khan was the Nayab Subedar of Odisha between the years 1727 to 1734. This time too, the idols were hidden and constantly shifted to other places. For some time the idols were also kept in Hyderabad.

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