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Dairy Farming Business Plan

Business plan is all about developing an overall aim and mission for any particular business. Preparing a business plan for dairy farming business makes its management easy and quick, moreover helps in procuring grants, subsidies or even business loans for doing business. With the help of a written dairy farming business plan, entrepreneurs shall set short- and long-term targets for at least five years. Opening a dairy farm, often termed as “All Season” business has always been a lucrative idea for numerous business owners, as a fact that there will be never ending demand for milk in India and anywhere in the world. India’s milk production is at an increase of 3% – 4% every year. Due to this, the dairy farming business is evolving into a successful business ride for entrepreneurs.

Creating Dairy Farming Business Plan

Dairy Farming business plan should consist of various components that are as follows:

Introduction: Describing the nature of business, purpose, key issues, basic business details and financial summary (for existing businesses). Financial summary should hold basic data information related to consolidated gross revenue and net worth, net farm income and cash flow, current ratio, working capital, etc.

Mission Statement: Business mission in which this business can produce best quality milk or dairy products at an affordable or best prices for its customers.

Farm Location and History: Business plan should consist of information related to the proposed farm location with specified area, city and state. Plan should also hold details of acres owned or rented with lease terms.

Cattle and Farm Machinery/Equipment: Information of total number of cattle to be used in dairy farming business and number and types of machinery and equipment purchased with names and bills to be presented.

Proposed Business Ideas and Marketing Strategies: Plan should contain all the information regarding various commercials, business proposals, marketing strategies, new ventures to be undertaken, brand campaigns, etc.

Implementation Plan Summary: Plan summary should depict business plans for implementing new and improved management practices with anticipated timelines for completion.

Goal projection of next five years, description year-by-year with realistic information with necessary details of all the licenses and permissions required to start a dairy farming business in India.

How to start Dairy Farming Business?

Further, let’s gain some important information regarding several steps involved in starting a dairy farming business.

There are 7 most important tasks before starting a dairy farming business that are as follows:

  • Writing or developing a business plan
  • Consulting with experts/professionals and market leaders
  • Performing thorough business research
  • Planning healthy infrastructure for animals
  • Generating feeding and waste management program
  • Obtaining licenses from concerned authorities
  • Getting funds or availing business loans

To start a dairy farming business (if small scale venture), entrepreneurs need to opt for lesser cows or buffaloes at initial stages. At later stages the number of cattle can be increased, depending upon the demand.

Business owner needs to require a company registration certificate by registering his/her firm as sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited, public limited, limited liability partnership, NGO, etc.

Next, business owners need to own and manage various facilities required to start a dairy farming business:

  • Feed and manure storage room
  • Irrigation system for pasture
  • Milking store
  • Sheds or barns sheltered from weather
  • Sterile facility for storage of milk and pasteurizing purpose
  • Other related machinery and equipment

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