Bhai Dooj Festival

Bhai Dooj 2019: 3 Reasons to Celebrate Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj

The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the Shukla Dwitiya of Kartik month. It is the concluding day of the festival on day five of the festival. This festival is celebrated for 3 reasons.

1. It is said that after killing Narakasura, Lord Krishna reached his home on the same day to meet his sister Subhadra. Subhadra welcomed them and fed them with his own hands and applied tilak.

2. Bhai Duj is also called Yama Dwitiya. It is believed that on this day, Yamuna invited his brother Lord Yamraj to his house and made him delicious food by applying tilak on his hand. Due to which Yamraj was very pleased and he gave a boon to Yamuna to be free from fear of death and remain unbroken. It is said that on this day, brothers and sisters who perform this ritual and bathe in Yamunaji, do not torture Yamraj in Yamlok. On this day, the god of death Yamraj and his sister Yamuna are worshiped.

3. On this day worship of Lord Chitragupta, the scribe of Yama, is also practiced. Along with their worship, authorship, medicine and books are also worshiped. For the forest class, it is called the early day of the new year. On this day, work is started by writing ‘Shri’ on the new books. It is said that from this day Chitragupta writes the book of people’s lives.

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