Amazing stories of Radha ji’s Birth

Amazing stories of Radha ji's Birth

The most popular story of Radha ji’s birth is that Vrishabhanu ji found a divine girl lying in a golden lotus in a beautiful cool lake. They brought her home but the girl was not ready to open her eyes. Father and mother understood that she could not see, but Prabhu Leela was such that Radha wanted to see Shri Krishna first. So, when he encountered Shri Krishna ji in child form, he opened his eyes.

* According to another legend, the house of Sri Vrishabhanu appears in the Radha Dwapara Yuga. It is said that once Sriradha became angry with Golokvihari. At the same time, Gop Sudama appeared. Radha’s value became unbearable for him.

He condemned Shriradha, angry that Radha said – Sudama! You are working like an asura, after satisfying my heart, so you are attained asuran.
Sudama shivered, said – Golokeshwari! You knocked me down with your curse. I do not have the grief of getting asurani, but I am getting tired of Krishna disconnection. You do not experience this disconnection, so once you also feel this sorrow.

At the time of the incarnation of Shri Krishna in the distant Dwapar, you too will be born as a gop girl with your friends and will be separated from Shri Krishna. Seeing Sudama leaving, Sriradha was aware of her behavior and she was scared.
Then Liladhari Krishna consoled him that O Goddess! This is not a curse, but a boon. For this reason, in the world, an endless stream of sweet leela juice will flow, in which bathing creatures will be eternal. In this way Sri Radha was incarnated on Earth in Dwapar.

* Nirga son Raja Suchandra and Kalasi, the Mansi Kanya of the ancestors, meditated for a couple of years and sought the blessing of Radha to receive Radha as a daughter. Consequently, he was born in Dwapara as King Vrishanu and Queen Kirtida. Both became husband and wife.

Gradually, the time of descent of Shriradha came. The news of Kirtida’s conception began to spread as a source of happiness in the entire Vraj, all were eagerly waiting. He came to Muhurat. Shukla Ashtami Chandrawasar of Bhadrapada sky became cloudy around midnight. Suddenly a light spread in the maternity home, it was so intense that everyone’s eyes were closed.

A moment later, the gopis saw that a little girl was lying in front of Kirtida Maiya with the death of Sharat Chandras. There are heaps of divine flowers around it. With its incarnation, the stream of rivers became clear, the directions became happy, the cool breeze began to flow, extending the Saurabh from Arvind.

* Radha descent in Padmapuran

There is also a legend in Padmapurana that if Sri Vrishabhanuji Yajna was cleaning the land, then he got the land as Sriradha in Virgo. It is also believed that along with the incarnation of Vishnu, other deities also incarnated, Lakshmiji in Vaikuntha incarnated as Radha. Whatever the story, whatever the reason, there is no Krishna without Radha. Radha is the opposite of Dhara, Dhara means current, that is, the life force. Radha is the life force of Bhagwat. Krishna is the body, then Shriradha is the soul. If Krishna is the word, then Radha meaning. Krishna is the song, then Radha music. If Krishna is descent, then Radha Swara. God has absorbed all his communicative power in Radha. That’s why it says-

Where Krishna Radha is where Radha Tahan Krishna.
This question should not be blamed.

The glory of this name is transnational. Shri Krishna himself says- Whenever I hear ‘Ra’ from someone’s mouth, I offer my devotional love to him and after pronouncing the word Dha, I follow him with greed to hear the name Radha. Devotion to Radha Krishna continued to expand over time. The Nimbark, Vallabh, Radhavallabh, and Sakhi communities corroborated this. Sri Radha is seated in the Supreme Goddess form with Krishna. Krishna loves the world and Radha is Krishna. In the 12th century, with the song Govind composed by Jayadevji, the spiritual love relationship of Krishna and Radha was propagated in all the people all over India.

Anaya Aaradito Nunam Bhagwan Haririshwara: Yanno Vihaya Govindah: Preetoyamanyadrah.

The question arises that this heart, which has the power of giving shelter to Krishna, the star of the three worlds, belongs to the same worshiper who became Radhika first. After that Krishna was worshiped. The power to define Radha is not even in Brahma. Krishna asks Radha- O Radhe! What will be your role in Bhagwat? Radha says – I don’t want any role Kanha! I will be your shadow This is the backdrop of every creation of Krishna, be it the melody of Krishna’s flute or the index finger lifting the Govardhan or the self-power of the journey from Mathura to Dwarka for the public interest.

Radhika is formed by removing Aa in Aaradhika. The description of this worship is found in Mahabharata or Shrimad Bhagwat and the name Sri Radha is not mentioned. There is also a story that Shukdev ji is the Radha to meet Shukrishna Krishna because of not mentioning the clear name of Shriradha in Bhagwat and Shukdev ji considers him as his Guru. It is said that Shukdev ji, the author of Bhagwat, used to chant the name of Radha-Radha by staying in the form of Shuk.

One day Radhaji told him, O Shuk! You are now Krishna instead of Radha! Sri Krishna ! Chant At the same time Shri Krishna came. Radha handed it over to Krishna, saying that this shuk speaks in a very sweet tone. That is, he got Brahma interviewed. In this way Shriradha is the Guru of Shukdev Ji. And how could they name the Guru?

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